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The CPT system, which is made up of the Central Technical Unit and 21 regional cores, has as its main objective the recreation of a database of consolidated accounts of the Expanded Public Sector (SPA), through the analysis of current capital cash in- and outflows at a regional level of Public Authorities and all those institutions which belong to the Expanded Public Sector.

As a result, everyone could consult the given data, as they are open data, thanks to distinct, and even interactive ways. In addition, such data can be differentiated considering: the reporting year, the regional unit, the level of consolidation, subjects typology, and both P&L and Balance Sheet categories and economic sectors.

Furthermore, thanks also to its territorial extensiveness, the CPT system enables the analytical reconstruction of personal and financial information related to the considered Authorities. This ensures unique information assets, which have never been registered by any of the official statistic sources.

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28 June, 2021